Free Software

Free Software

These are the programs that I have written and released. They are free as defined by the Free Software Foundation.


The World Wide Web Offline Explorer, HTTP proxy and automated downloader for users with dial-up internet connections.


A C source code cross referencing and documenting program for UNIX.


A system status monitor for Linux with X-Windows, displays system resource usage in multiple graphs.


A minesweeper type game for X Windows, with some unusual, interesting and challenging grid shapes.

GpsDrive for iPAQ

A modified version of the GpsDrive program that makes it easier to use on the small screen of an iPAQ or other PDA and uses OpenStreetMap map images.

Routino - An OpenStreetMap Router

An application to find an optimum route between points using OpenStreetMap data.

Simple Mapnik XML StyleSheet Generation

An way to generate a Mapnik XML file for map rendering from spreadsheet tables.