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WWWOFFLE Remote Host Error

Your request for URL


failed because

$reason?=TimeoutReply {The remote host failed to send the reply within the timeout period $done="yes"}{} $reason?=TimeoutTransfer {The remote host failed to send some of the data within the timeout period. $done="yes"}{} $reason?=DataCorrupt {The remote host sent compressed or encoded data that could not be uncompressed or decoded. $done="yes"}{} $reason?=ClientClose {The client (browser) closed the connection during the transfer $done="yes"}{} $done?{}{$reason}

$cache? {This error message has now been deleted from the cache.} {}

$backup? {Reloading this page will revert to the previous version if you are offline or try again if you are online.} {Reloading this page will cause it to be re-requested.}


The WWWOFFLE server was unable to complete the request for this URL due to a problem with downloading this page. This can be because the remote server could not send any reply within the socket timeout period or a reply was interrupted by a time longer than the socket timeout period with no data. The other possible reason for this error message is that the browser closed the connection before the whole of the page had been downloaded. The exact reason in this case is shown in the error message above.

When a backup version of the page exists in the cache then reloading this page will display that version. When there is no backup cached version then reloading this page will request it again.

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