WWWOFFLE - World Wide Web Offline Explorer - v$version

WWWOFFLE Interactive Refresh Form

You can use this form to refresh or fetch any URL, either a single one or by following links recursively.


Fetch stylesheets in the pages
Fetch images in the pages
Fetch frames in the pages
Fetch inline frames (iframes) in the pages
Fetch scripts in the pages
Fetch objects in the pages
Force refresh even if already cached


  1. If the option "This URL only" is chosen the recursive depth is ignored.
  2. The default protocol is http if none is specified.
  3. To get a directory listing using ftp make sure that the path ends with '/'.
  4. To finger user@remote.host you should enter the URL as finger://remote.host/user.
  5. To repeat this request on a regular basis choose monitor on the confirmation page.
  6. The options chosen here override those in the FetchOptions section of the config file.
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