WWWOFFLE - World Wide Web Offline Explorer - v$version

WWWOFFLE Interactive Control Page

The wwwoffled demon program can be controlled from here.

Command Line Replacements

All of the control actions available in the wwwoffle program are here.

Put the wwwoffled program online.

Put the wwwoffled program in the autodial mode.

Put the wwwoffled program offline.

Fetch the pages that wwwoffled has pending.

Force the wwwoffled cache to be purged.

Get the status of the wwwoffled server.

The Configuration File

The configuration file wwwoffle.conf can be edited on the following pages.

Traditional: One web page with all sections individually editable.
Modern: Easy to use with lists of sections, items in each section and editing of individual entries for each item.

Force wwwoffled to re-read the configuration file.