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WWWOFFLE Certificate Authority

The WWWOFFLE Certificate Authority certificate is used by WWWOFFLE to authenticate all of the other certificates that it creates. This is the master certificate. A unique certificate is created if there is not already one present when it is started. The certificates for two different WWWOFFLE servers should be different even though they perform the same task, they are not interchangeable. }{} $header?=server{


The WWWOFFLE server certificate is used by WWWOFFLE when access is requested to one of the internal WWWOFFLE pages using HTTPS. A different certificate needs to be created for each of the possible names that the server can be accessed as. }{} $header?=fake{

Fake Server

The fake server certificates are created by WWWOFFLE when a request is made for an HTTPS web-page and WWWOFFLE is going to cache it. The page that is sent to the browser from WWWOFFLE for this server will use this certificate. }{} $header?=real{

Real Server

The real server certificates are what the real web server sends back to WWWOFFLE when a request is made for an HTTPS page from the server. These are the certicates that a browser would see if contacting the page directly. }{} $header?=trusted{

Trusted Certificate Authorities

The trusted certificates are an optional list of certificates that WWWOFFLE can trust so that the real certificates from servers can be authenticated. }{} $header?{

$open }{} $type?=root {

  • $name}{} $type?=server {
  • $name}{} $type?=fake {
  • $name}{} $type?=real {
  • $name}{} $type?=trusted{
  • $name}{}